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Free eBook: Advanced Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing eBook
An Advanced Guide to Email Marketing

Learn how to optimize your
email campaigns
with these
effective marketing tactics and strategies

Are you really taking advantage
of email marketing?

Advanced Email Marketing allows you to learn how to run successful email campaigns.
We will show you the many ways you can get the most out of email marketing with practical tips on email design, effective marketing techniques and deliverability – that you can apply to your campaigns.

Advanced Email Marketing will allow you to discover how to use correctly email marketing to make your business grow.

Inside the ebook you will read about:

  • How to design emails for mobile
  • How to properly code HTML email newsletter
  • The importance of list segmentation
  • Learn more about email authentication
  • How to create remarketing campaigns

Are you new to Email Marketing? We recommend “Email Marketing Now”, our beginner’s guide to Email Marketing.

Advanced Email marketing is offered free by SendBlaster – the world’s most popular email marketing software, available in free and professional editions.