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1. We will send an eblast for you to any of our lists. Click on the map below and then the state you are interested in blasting. All the details about the state are listed on the pages.  Please email us if you have questions.

2. Buy our lists. See below and follow the directions. See our Buy our Lists Page and find all the current lists we have for sale. Once you pay, download the lists immediately. If you want a list that is NOT in our store please contact us with the counties and we will create a smaller list for you with just the specifics of what you want. We have the most commonly asked for ones already in our store. Please email us if you have additional questions. Thank you and Happy shopping! 

 Send an Email Blast with our service- || Follow these steps!

  • Create an account– Free Trial to test our service- If you like it- Sign up for the membership and get any of our lists 30-50 % Off. With a paid membership, you will receive a discount code!
  • Select the state.  Click on the US Map Below and then the state- Buy the list you want and get an instant download link.
  • Once you have a paid membership with our email platform you can use your code to download discounted email lists as many times as you want.
  • Upload your list to Austin Email Marketing Platform– Create your email with the free templates and send your email. It’s really that simple.

Buying Real Estate Agent Emails || Follow These steps!

  • Buy a state or Canada list directly from the state pages.
  • Click on the state you want to purchase and make the payment.
  • Download the CSV files.
  • You will only be able to download the list once. If you have errors please contact our support.

You can use the Entire Email List of Real Estate agents to Mail Merge and make labels. Our lists of Real Estate Agents include Names, companies, addresses, some phone numbers, and of course emails. Once you purchase the entire list, you must find a bulk email provider that you can use to send the emails thru. This is usually the hardest part. We also offer monthly plans for those who purchase the lists- Contact us for eblasting pricing when you own the list. You will have a dashboard that you can log in to create templates using our template manager, upload your own HTML or files, and schedule and send your own blasts. Contact us for more information.


**** Please note we update our lists 2-3 times a year. We have listed the # of emails in each list on our various state pages. Since agents change emails all the time we cannot guarantee we have every single email address available but our list will tell you how many are on that list.**** Updated August 2021***


Email USA Real Estate Agents 


Send email to USA Real Estate Agents

Click on the US MAP and then the State. Each Real Estate Agent Email State page shows the# of agents and $ price to buy.  Please fill out the contact forms of you have questions on a specific state. We can also break down the list of you prefer to only email real estate agents in certain cities or counties instead of the entire state. [


Email Canadian Real Estate Agents 

Email Canadian Real Estate Agents

Click on the Flag of Canada to see the entire County of Canada. We have every state in the USA and the County of Canada. Each state Real Estate Agent Email Blast page shows the number of agents on the list and the price to buy and to email the real estate agents. Please fill out the contact forms of you have questions on a specific state.  Always contact eRealty Blast if you have questions on any of our services.