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eRealty Blast invites you to browse through our account types. We will create an account for you to tryout for FREE. Purchased accounts can send from 1-150000 emails a month. You choose the plan that fits your needs. To have a free account set up and test out the templates- Please email us we will email you a user name and pass code. You will not be able to send emails but can view the interior of the site and play around with the templates. If you want to upload your own contacts pricing starts at $10.00 a month or one time depending on the emails you want to send each month. We have a list available for use- We update out list of Real Estate Agents about every 4 months to ensure its accurate. To purchase the list for your own use, please use the purchase button, one you purchase you will be able to download the entire CVS file. Call us if you have questions. To send bulk emails use eRealty Blast- sign up today.

1. Purchasing Email Lists– Our company Sells email lists of Real Estate Agents from Canada and the USA. You can purchase the entire Lists, or purchase an eBlast to your chosen list of Real Estate Agents. When you purchase the entire list- You will be given a link to download the .CVS file. The lists are updated every 90-120 Days and new emails added. the lists are 90% accurate and so there will be some that are not valid, because people change their emails daily, we do up them them regularly.

2. Purchase eBlasts Any state or Canada.- Send an email to any of Realtors and Real Estate Agents.-One Email Blasts

3. Purchase eRealty Blasting for Any State List of Real Estate Agents.

We have every state and you Can eblast the state you choose. Take a look at our lists and choose to purchase the entire list or send an email blast to the list.