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FAQ on eRealty Blast.

Take a look at our FAQ and contact us if you have a question that you think should be listed and is not.


[faq][faq_answer question=”How Does eRealty Blast Work?”]

eRealty Blast is an emailing flyer Blasting service.


  • 1. First you decide where you want to eblast your flyer to? ( Which State/ City)
  • 2. Upload your eRealty Blast Flyer.
  • 3. We will send you a proof.
  • 4. You Must approve the proof- (Reply stating “I Approve”)
  • 5. Make the payment using the link that is contained in the email.
  • The eblast is sent or scheduled per your requirements.



[faq_answer question=”How Much is the eBlast?”]

eRealty Blast charges various amount to eBlast each list. We charge based on the # of emails contained in the list. Each state and Canada has a separate page which will tell you specific information about the # of emails on each Realtor eblast list and the Price.

Click on the USA Lists by States or Canadian Lists by Provinces. here or above to view the details on each State Realtors Emails and Pricing.

We also offer specials each month. We discount 5 Email Realtor Lists every month. Check out our Current Realtors Emails discounted lists on our main Email Real Estate Agents Pages.


[faq][faq_answer question=”When did you last update the list?”] All Our lists are updated 2-3 times a year. We last updated our lists in February 2016. [/faq_answer]

[faq_answer question=”Can I send my own email with your system?”]

Yes, We now have an email marketing platform available for you to create your own email and send them.  Our email marketing platform is a membership based system; you can sign up for a free trial account to test our system. If you like it- simply sign up for one of the monthly plans. Once you sign up you will receive a discount code for 30-50% off any email list purchase. The discount is depending on the membership type you sign up for. You can use the discount code to purchase as many lists as much as you want. You will own those lists. Once you purchase the list- upload it to our email marketing platform, create a template, and once you are ready- hit send! Its really simple! [/faq_answer][/faq]

[faq][faq_answer question=”How much is the  monthly plans with Austin Email Marketing?”]

Plans start at $39.00 a Month and go up to $249.00 currently to send 200,000 emails monthly. You can sign up for a trial free account and check out our dashboard at Austin Email Marketing [/faq_answer]


[faq_answer question=”Can I just pay you to send an email for me?”]

YES, Absolutely. You can upload your flyer and we will prepare a proof and send it to you to approve. If you purchase 5 eRealty Blasts you will 1 free! You Can use them anytime you want and each blast can be different. [/faq_answer][/faq]

[faq][faq_answer question=”Is your eblast Social Media friendly?”]

Absolutely, Actually we will post your flyer and link on our Facebook fanpage.  [/faq_answer]


[faq_answer question=”Do you accept credit cards? “] Yes we accept credit cards on our website and we also accept paypal. All the payment links are on our website in each states page or Canada province page. Once you pay, you will instantly be given the list to download. [/faq_answer][/faq]


[faq][faq_answer question=”Can I download the list once I pay?”]

YES- When you pay you are emailed the file to download.[/faq_answer]

[faq_answer question=”Can you mail me a CD of the list when I purchase the entire Real Estate Agent List?”]

YES- Please we can ship you a CD for a small shipping charge. See our purchasing pages for more details on each state pages. [/faq_answer][/faq]


Have a question that’s not listed. Contact us and we will add additional answers to frequently asked questions. As always we strive to provide excellent customer service. If you have a comment, question or concern, please contact us. We have had our website updated to be more user friendly, in the event you notice something you think we should change, add or remove please also contact us. We want to hear from you.