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Email Marketing is best when you Target  Marketing. Think about who would be the best Realtors to email and respond to your flyer. Target Marketing by email is done easily by simply emailing the realtors you want to be put in front.  Who do you want to see your email flyer? We have the list for Realtor emails in every state and Canada. Do you have buyers buying from Canada? Send an email targeting the realtors in Canada and offer them a referral fee to send you buyers. You can also do the same email target marketing to any state in the USA if you notice a lot of buyers moving to your city from a particular state or city. Send a flyer to the Realtors in that state asking them to refer you any clients they have and offer them a referral fee.


Target Your Emailing List by Using the following.


      • Target Emails to Realtors in the Area your Property is Listed
      • Target your emails to Realtors In Canada if you have a lot of Canadian Buying.
      • Target a State that you notice a lot of buyers relocating from
      • Target a Company if you are with a Franchise


[highlight colour=”blue”] Use eRealty Blast to Send out Targeted Emails Based on your Needs[/highlight]

[blockquote] Do Any of the following apply to you?[/blockquote]


    • Do you List property in other states?
    • Do you have lots of buyers relocating?
    • Do you Accept referrals?
    • Do you get a lot of buyers moving out of state?
    • Do you have something to tell Realtors in Any state or Canada?
    • If you answered YES to these questions- What are you waiting for?



 [list] Advantages to Targeting Emails
  • Put your Offer in front of the right group
  • Get more conversions by email targeting to Realtors
  • Improve your marketing by targeting specific States
  • Make MORE MONEY!


Use our services to send emails to Realtors or buy our list and do your own target marketing. There are plenty of Realtors who have business in your state, want the product or service you are selling or offering but may not know about you until you Target market them. Ask us how to help your with your ideas. Sign up for our  Top 20 Tips on Target Marketing and receive an instant download of our ebook. You will  be surprised how easy it is to Target Market and use these simple techniques for any marketing.