Email Tips for Sending Email

[faq_answer question=”What are the best days and times to send out email?”] Depending on the type of email you are sending. We find sending email on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. [/faq_answer]

[faq_answer question=”Do you have email templates I can use?”]  [/faq_answer] Yes we have email templates. See our samples and you can purchase over 270 email templates for various purposes. These templates work with Outlook  and most email clients. You just click on them and they will open and then you edit the text and images and resave and use. Its very simple.


[faq_answer question=”How do I pick a subject line?”] The best practice is to select a subject line that is catchy and that you would read the email if you received it. Need help- Just ask and we can help you select a subject line once we see what you are emailing. [/faq_answer]

[faq_answer question=”How do you get your email lists?”] We have a data compiling company that researches the email addresses for us. We update the lists 2-3 times a year. Obviously we cannot guarantee everyone is included in our lists but we do our best. Each time we receive a new list we send email to the lists in order to scrub them and remove any bad emails. Since agents constantly change companies we realize that the emails sometimes change and that is we update.   [/faq_answer]